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Dalí Reimagined Biodegradable Phone Case - Stylish Modern Salvador Illustration, Eco-Friendly


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    Step into a surreal fusion of art and fashion with our "Dalí Reimagined" Biodegradable Phone Case. This one-of-a-kind design features a hand-drawn cartoon illustration of Salvador Dalí, whimsically reimagined in stylish, modern, feminine streetwear. Perfect for art enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, this case blends the iconic eccentricity of Dalí with contemporary fashion trends, creating a statement piece that's as unique as it is environmentally conscious.

    Made from PBAT and PLA plant polymers and bamboo fibres, this case is not only plastic-free but also fully biodegradable within 160 days after disposal. It supports wireless charging, ensuring functionality meets sustainability without compromising on style. Protect your phone while celebrating creativity and commitment to the planet with this imaginative and eco-friendly accessory.

    - Materials: PLA and PBAT polymers, bamboo fibre
    - Matte finish
    - Precise cut outs for connectivity
    - Supports wireless charging
    - Might have a natural scent