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DaVinci Streetwear Biodegradable Phone Case - Modern Leonardo Design, Eco-Friendly, Supports Wireless Charging


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    Merge Renaissance genius with urban cool in our "DaVinci Streetwear" Biodegradable Phone Case. This distinctive design features a hand-drawn cartoon of Leonardo DaVinci, reimagined in modern street style attire, complete with a t-shirt showcasing his iconic masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. It's a playful yet profound nod to the timeless influence of DaVinci, tailored for today's fashion-forward crowd.

    Constructed from eco-friendly materials like PBAT and PLA plant polymers and bamboo fibbers, this phone case does more than just protect your device—it makes a statement about your style and your values. Fully biodegradable within 160 days after disposal, it’s designed for those who care about their environmental footprint. Additionally, the case supports wireless charging, allowing you to power up without compromising on convenience or design. Perfect for art lovers and modern trendsetters alike, the "DaVinci Streetwear" phone case brings a touch of historical flair to your daily ensemble.

    - Materials: PLA and PBAT polymers, bamboo fibre
    - Matte finish
    - Precise cut outs for connectivity
    - Supports wireless charging
    - Might have a natural scent