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Hipster Van Gogh Biodegradable Phone Case - Contemporary Art Design, Eco-Friendly


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    Add a touch of artistic flair and sustainable style to your daily essentials with our "Hipster Van Gogh" Biodegradable Phone Case. This creative design features a hand-drawn cartoon of Vincent Van Gogh, famously updated with a casual, contemporary twist—dressed in jeans and a vibrant sunflower-patterned shirt. It's a whimsical tribute to the legendary artist, known for his profound influence on the world of art and his love for sunflowers, reimagined in a fun, modern-day setting.

    Crafted from environmentally friendly materials such as PBAT and PLA plant polymers combined with bamboo fibres, this phone case is completely plastic-free and biodegrades within 160 days of disposal. Designed for art enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike, it supports wireless charging, ensuring that protecting your phone is convenient and aligns with sustainable practices. Celebrate Van Gogh’s enduring legacy with a case that not only protects your device but also broadcasts your unique style and commitment to the planet.

    - Materials: PLA and PBAT polymers, bamboo fibre
    - Matte finish
    - Precise cut outs for connectivity
    - Supports wireless charging
    - Might have a natural scent